Clouds and climate sensitivity

The correct simulation of clouds seems to rule out some of the lower climate sensitivity models…

New versions of EBM posted

I've posted some updated versions of the EBM. These have fixed some issues with the program that arose as OS versions changed. You can find the new versions under 'Downloads' tab.

Worse Climate Verse: Celebrating Six Decades

This collection celebrates the 60th birthday of one of the Climate Modelling Primer authors with verses such as:

The Climate Modelling Primer
Isn't a dozen-a-dimer
Take a good look
At this excellent book,
And add your verse to the rhymer.

Green Screen: Climate Fix Flicks

The Green Screen: Climate Fix Flicks 2012 goal was to raise awareness of the opportunities and positive effects of moving the world towards a low carbon future.

Problems with the CD

If you recently purchased a copy of the third edition of 'A Climate Modelling Primer', you may have experienced problems with some of the files on the CD. If this is the case, please contact the publisher. There is an issue with some of the CDs and the helpful folks at Wiley will let you know how you can get a replacement CD. You can contact Izzy Canning at John Wiley & Sons (

Students... we want to hear from you!

If you use the Climate Modelling Primer in your course work, we want to hear what you liked or disliked. Add to the forums and help us decide how to revise for the fourth edition.

Primer in Persian

A Climate Modelling Primer has also appeared in other languages. The first edition can be found in Persian and in Spanish.

The Climate Modelling Primer

This Climate Modelling Primer web site has been set up for a number of purposes: to encourage communication among users of “The Primer” and from them to us (the writers); through this exchange we hope to determine whether to develop a fourth edition of the Primer and, if we do, how it might differ from and be an improvement on the third edition. Let us know what you think.

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External links...

REALCLIMATE.ORG offers good scientific analysis of current climate change issues, sometimes relating to climate models and what they mean.

Climate Modelling 101 What are climate models and why are they important? A useful resource from the US National Academy of Sciences.

CLIMATEPREDICTION.NET offers a way for anyone to run a climate model on their desktop computer and to be a part of a huge community of climate modellers. Make those spare CPU cycles count!

SKEPTICAL_SCIENCE: a website that is skeptical about global warming skepticism: whether contrarians’ arguments have any basis from the peer reviewed scientific literature.

Climate change is no laughing matter—but maybe it should be. The topic is so critical that everyone, from students to policy-makers to voters, needs a quick and easy guide to the basics. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change entertains as it educates, delivering a unique and enjoyable presentation of mind-blowing facts and critical concepts.