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The Climate Modelling Primer web site has been established to bring together users of the book of this name -- also known as “The Primer” and “CMP”.
The web site invites CMP readers and users to:
• share how they have developed “Primer” text and graphics;
• discuss use of CMP especially but not only in university courses;
• correct errors in the fourth edition;
• propose topics for a possible future edition; and
• comment on how new material since 2014 and changing community views and needs should affect the structure and content of such a future editions.

This site is not affiliated with current or past employers of the authors of A Climate Modelling Primer. It is not affiliated with John Wiley & Sons, the publishers and views or opinions expressed are those of the contributors alone.

By joining and contributing to this web site, you agree to abide by some rules. You agree that the contributions you make will be 'legal, decent, honest and truthful'. You agree that contributions (ideas and text) made to the site are freely given and that they may be used in future editions of 'A Climate Modelling Primer' and derivative works. You agree not to post material that infringes on the copyright of others or that may offend a reasonable person.

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SKEPTICAL_SCIENCE: a website that is skeptical about global warming skepticism: whether contrarians’ arguments have any basis from the peer reviewed scientific literature.

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